In AP Art, we had concentrations where we had to pick a topic and shoot 5 different pictures. I was really happy with how mine turned out, and wanted to share it :) The topic I came up with was, struggles teens deal with behind masks. Everyone has a sad story or something tragic happening in their life in one way or another, but a lot of kids just put on a mask for the world and hide.

First topic “Homelessness”

For this shot, I show a teenage girl on the streets begging for money. 

Second Topic “Eating Disorders”

Here is a teenage girl desperate for what society considers perfection and will stop at nothing to get it. The point of the location is an open field that represents isolation, which is how you feel with an eating disorder. Not good enough, disgusted, and a strong developed self-hatred. 

Third Topic “Drug abuse”

Teens use drugs for many things, but here I represent a teen using cigarettes to escape her problems. She’s surrounded by misty smoke and dressed in formal attire to represent how she feels as she’s smoking, glamourous. She’s able to escape reality for minute and let her mind wander and relax.

Fourth Topic “Child Abuse”

Although the main subject is not a teenager like the others, he as well as most teens are considered a child, and to me, his age represents innocence. No one deserves to be beaten or abused at home, and in this photo there is a little boy curled up in fear as he awaits his grinning father behind him. He knows what’s coming, he’s been in this position many times, his little heart beats a hole through his chest as the footsteps grow nearer. The background also represents isolation, because the boy feels helpless.

Fifth Topic “Self-Harm”

I know too many people who struggle with self harm, and it breaks my heart, because those people are so broken and inside. In this photo, I pose as a victim of self harm and edited the photo too look all trippy-like, to show that when you self harm, you don’t know who you are exactly, and aren’t realizing you are beautiful and have potential to do so much.